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Ph D reading list 

1. Deck, C., & Smith, V. (2013). Using laboratory experiments in logistics and supply chain research. Journal of Business Logistics, 34(1), 6-14.

2. Katok, E. (2011). Using laboratory experiments to build better operations management models. Foundations and Trends® in Technology, Information and Operations Management, 5(1), 1-86.

Supply Chain contract

3. Cachon, G. P. (2003). Supply chain coordination with contracts. Handbooks in operations research and management science, 11, 227-339.

Lariviere, M. A., & Porteus, E. L. (2001). Selling to the newsvendor: An analysis of price-only contracts. Manufacturing & service operations management, 3(4), 293-305.


Cachon, G. P., & Zipkin, P. H. (1999). Competitive and cooperative inventory policies in a two-stage supply chain. Management science, 45(7), 936-953.

Ambiguity Measure

Ghirardato, P., Maccheroni, F., & Marinacci, M. (2004). Differentiating ambiguity and ambiguity attitude. Journal of Economic Theory, 118(2), 133-173.

Gneezy, U., Imas, A., & List, J. (2015). Estimating individual ambiguity aversion: A simple approach (No. w20982). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Al-Najjar, N. I., & Weinstein, J. (2009). The ambiguity aversion literature: a critical assessment. Economics & Philosophy, 25(3), 249-284.

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Etner, J., Jeleva, M., & Tallon, J. M. (2012). Decision theory under ambiguity. Journal of Economic Surveys, 26(2), 234-270.

Risk aversion

Holt and Laury (2002)

Loss aversion 

Abdellaoui et al., (2007)

Measurement of present bias 

Hong et al., (2019)           Instructions

Willingness to Pay

Adomavicius, G., Bockstedt, J. C., Curley, S. P., & Zhang, J. (2018). Effects of online recommendations on consumers’ willingness to pay. Information Systems Research, 29(1), 84-102.

Behavioral Economics

Handbook 2019 Behavioral Economics 

Tips for Writing a Dissertation 

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