Ph D reading list 

1. Deck, C., & Smith, V. (2013). Using laboratory experiments in logistics and supply chain research. Journal of Business Logistics, 34(1), 6-14.

2. Katok, E. (2011). Using laboratory experiments to build better operations management models. Foundations and Trends® in Technology, Information and Operations Management, 5(1), 1-86.

Supply Chain contract

3. Cachon, G. P. (2003). Supply chain coordination with contracts. Handbooks in operations research and management science, 11, 227-339.


Cachon, G. P., & Zipkin, P. H. (1999). Competitive and cooperative inventory policies in a two-stage supply chain. Management science, 45(7), 936-953.

Ambiguity Measure

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Willingness to Pay

Adomavicius, G., Bockstedt, J. C., Curley, S. P., & Zhang, J. (2018). Effects of online recommendations on consumers’ willingness to pay. Information Systems Research, 29(1), 84-102.

Behavioral Economics

Handbook 2019 Behavioral Economics 

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